Prison Life-What was I thinking?

January 16, 2012 Uncategorized Comments Off on Prison Life-What was I thinking?

Who would have guessed going to prison could turn out to bless the socks off me!  That is exactly what happened Saturday night.  A fellow warrior woman in Christ and I went to Perryville Prison, a woman’s prison in Arizona, which houses over 4,000 inmates.  The unit we went in was Cruz which has more than 750 women in medium security.  Most are charged with theft, trafficking stolen items, assault, and so on.  My friend and I share the Christian message and this night it was my turn.  She is a fabulous singer and has her own worship music and speakers and causes the house to ‘rock’ when she turns it all on.  On the long drive out to Perryville we prayed for our journey into Cruz.  Never do we want to take any of this for granted.  It can be dangerous although in my limited year of going once a month I have found it to be anything but dangerous, but this is where caution cannot be thrown to the wind….so we always pray for protection.  This night we prayed specifically for anyone battling homosexuality as this is a big battle for the women, even if they have never had a sexual attraction towards another women.  Women long for intimacy which is often the very thing that got them in prison in the first place; wrong and unhealthy male relationships leading weaker and unstable women to do things they might not have done otherwise.  In prison, this intimate longing leads women to women, who don the attire and attitudes along with the strides of a male figure, even shaving their heads.  As I gave the message I noted a women in the front row.  She had a shaved head and tattoo’s along her neck on both sides.  At the end of the message I asked for a show of hands for those that had never invited Christ into their life.  Her hand shot up!  Earlier that day I felt impressed there would be a woman who needed to be bold in her proclamation of faith.  I prayed and wrapped up the night.  This bald headed woman with a male stride came up to me.  I grabbed her hand and began to pray for her.  She said it was the first time she had heard a message that touched her heart.  I spoke of the wounds from the past holding us in bondage to discover who God really is.  She confessed to me she had made the decision to change her life.  I immediately knew she was the one I had been impressed about earlier in the day so I told her, “let your hair grow!”  What in the heck was I thinking!?  Did I forget where I was?  She could have socked me really good right then.  She looked at me and said, “Oh no I can’t.”  I shared with her what I felt God had impressed me about and that she was the woman who God was saying to be bold.  So I told her “yes you can!”  After much discussion she said she would commit to pray about it.  We go back next month and I can’t wait to see what God said to her and what her response will be to Him.  Unknown to me before we even started, music blaring, a woman came to my friend for prayer regarding her homosexuality in prison.  We were blessed as we drove home and thanked God for an awesome time in prison!

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