Willy, a skater

June 8, 2012 Uncategorized 2 Comments

Yesterday I was at the skate park (yup in the heat of Phoenix & I mean heat) with my awesome 7 soon to be 8 year old skater grandson who lives and breathes skater world.  How can a grandma resist?!  So at the skate park was this young man who told me he was 18.  He was sitting at the picnic bench under the umbrella of the only shade amongst the concrete park.  As we sat together I began to ask him about his life and so forth.  Within 15 mins I saw a young man who was the identical kid I have been reading about, a millinneal.  I asked him the right questions and he responded exactly as I had been learning he would.  He started by telling me the world was ending this year as he had become a believer in the Mayan Calendar.  A few more questions told me he believed in God, reads the Bible once in a while and used to go to church.  He has no direction, does not know his purpose and has no idea of any talents or desires, especially in light of no need for these things due to the worlds demise….although I was able to share with him that no man knows the end of days, not even Jesus.  So that opened the door for us to talk about life purpose.  Before long he got up, skated around the park for a little bit, came back and sat down.  He said he remembered that he was thinking about joining the Navy or Army.  We talked about that.  Then I asked him if it would be ok if I prayed with him.  I told him that praying was simply talking with God like he and I were talking and that we didn’t even need to bow our heads or close our eyes.  He said yes…not a nod of the head but he actually said yes.  He did bow his head  though and I prayed for him…for purpose…for direction….for desire.  Short, sweet and wonderful.  Right there in the skate park, in the heat of the concrete, under that canopy and at the picnic table, God ordained us to be there at that time for His glory and this young man’s life.  He told me he missed the bus to get him home and that was why he was there.  He said nothing happens by chance.  I agreed and invited him to come Sunday night to a local church that has a Sunday evening band and ministry just for young people his age.  His name is Willy.  I pray he remembers and shows up.  I drove him home, shook his hand and gave him a final blessing.  I hope to see him again.  I gave him my card and suggested he call me if he has any questions about anything we talked about.  He said he might just do that.  I am so glad I pushed past my lack of desire to go to the skate park and sit in the concrete heat.  God is AWESOME!

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2 Comments to “Willy, a skater”

  1. Carol
    I love this story, it is simply sharing in the power of the Holy Spirit a simple but powerful message about our living and active God...active in the world today and in our lives today :)
    • cathy
      Carol, I love it when God presents an opportunity like meeting Willy. It was neat to share with him and to hear his responses so similar to his age group. This is the next generation to rise up and it is important we understand how to relate with them so that the generation gap can be just a tad smaller. God is alive and active and does care about the Willy's in this world. God gave me a glimpse of how much these kids need us to love them, offer them purpose, let them choose, and support them. That does not mean we are to choose for them or beat them up with our idealogies. I think it means we are to help inspire them through their own discovery of God and His plan for them. That is what the statement "sharing in the power of the Holy Spirit and leaving the results to God" really means....just like you said!

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