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Young men in the program have a horse throughout the length of the program. They learn to, shoe, trim, saddle, rope and ride. After training and consistency, they will be trusted to get a job done on working ranches around the state of Arizona as well as on the Navajo Reservation. They will eventually learn to rope steers, do round ups, doctor cattle and brand.

Horsemanship and work ethic go hand in hand.  We believe in returning each student to the simple life of the cowboy which involves a partnership with a horse and old-fashioned hard work.  Once a student has learned good horsemanship, he will visit a working cattle ranch where the student will be exposed to the western way of life.  Winston Churchill said “The outside of a horse is good for the inside of man.”  Horsemanship is a great teaching opportunity for the student because the horse-student relationship mirrors the student-God relationship. We believe that God uses the Horse as a tool to get the student to a deeper level of trust in Him.

The second phase of the business plan of  this program is the cattle ranch. We are looking for land to house more boys and to operate our cattle ranch. We are also interested in adopting problem horses, and working with them. If you would like to donate, come across land, or like to help in any other way, please email us @



Equine Therapy Weekends

Every two months there is a Family Emphasis Equine Therapy Weekend.  Parents or guardians are required to attend.  DMI focuses on the parents or guardian as much as the student in our program. We want each parent or guardian to have the tools necessary for your son to be successful when he transitions back into your home. It is wise as a parent or guardian to know your son will test your boundaries to see if you are living what you profess. Through the parental curriculum, the weekly coaching and the family weekends, we believe there is great hope for the transition when your son returns.  The focus of DMI is to return your son to you.  However, you have a responsibility in this too!

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