Malachi’s Story

All my life I have been living in the flesh. Before I came to DMI, I was doing whatever I wanted to do, and I liked it. I was a little twerp to my mom and my step dad. I grew up without a dad, and it took a big chunk out of my heart and my personality. When my mom got married I did not like my step dad. We fought, and I couldn’t handle it so I started smoking and rebelling.
I would go to church and act like a Christian, but when I went home I ran off to hang out with friends. My mom would call the cops and I would have to go to the police department and wait for her to come pick me up. After that it got so bad that I was missing school and becoming truant. I also went to jail three times. It was hard, but I got through it all. Finally my mom told me she had found the perfect program for me.
I wanted to change, so I went. While in the program, I was able to memorize a lot of good verses and learned a lot about God. That’s when I started my wonderful walk with God. I am now past the easy steps and am ready to move on to the more difficult part of learning. I am willing to take this challenge and move ahead in my walk with Christ.
One of my favorite verses I’ve learned is Philippians 4 :13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse helped me get through difficult times and it reminds me that I will complete the work that God has started in me.

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