C. G. Haire Redeemed Scholarship Fund

In honor of a great man of God, DMI has set up a special legacy for families that cannot afford the program known as The “Redeemed” Scholarship Fund. C. G. Haire proved to us that it is never too late to make a difference. C. G. had a rough start like many of us, but he finished strong. He was a great example and was always sharing his faith in Christ. Most of all, he was humble and crushed in spirit; this allowed him to be a teachable and gentle man,  a father who was “Redeemed” and restored to his children and to God.

Redeemed Scholarship FundOur scholarship fund relies on generous donations. If you would like to help sponsor a teenage boy through our program, please see our Donate link on the bottom of this page. We thank you in advance for your partnership. It is because of donors that we are able to see addictions ended and lives transformed.

My Mission (written by C. G. just prior to passing)

“My relationship with Him and my prayer life has caused me to know in my spirit man that I am being prepared for a mission. My flesh says I am limited in my intellect, but this is what the Spirit says: ‘My child I have taught thee and I strengthened thee, I have revived thee and torn down all your old ideas and traditions and I made you into someone I can use many times.’ I told the Lord I thought I was doing pretty good, so why have you chose me? The Lord said, ‘to smooth out some rough edges, that you could be used of me, that you could be anointed of me and that I could use your hands as creative instruments. I chose you so I could use your mind to think the thoughts of God and your mouth to speak the revelations of the Spirit.’ To be used in His mission of speaking to others is POWERful. It does not make any difference of the job, the standard of living or the walk of life they may have.  My mission is to be obedient; Christ is the salvation for all men! Things may change, but right now I am where I’m supposed to be.”


Plan Beyond “He heals the broken hearted and binds up their wounds.”


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